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Joe Browder's national environmental leadership is the topic of a social studies textbook distributed to schools throughout the U.S. (Save the Everglades, Stamper, General Editor Alex Haley, Steck Vaughn, 1993). He is one of a small number of global experts on environment and development recognized by the Managing Global Issues project of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.  He was the first Conservation Director of Friends of the Earth, and was the first Treasurer of the League of Conservation Voters, the national environmental political campaign committee.

In 1997, Joe Browder was appointed by The Johns Hopkins University Graduate School of Environmental Sciences to develop and teach Markets, Competition and the Environment, the University's first graduate course on private enterprise and the environment. He is the author of numerous publications about energy and environmental policy and natural resources management.

When President Jimmy Carter became the Democratic Party nominee in 1976, he appointed Joe Browder to coordinate Carter Mondale Presidential Campaign energy and environmental transition planning. From 1977 until 1981, Joe Browder was an official of the U.S. Department of the Interior, appointed by the Secretary to advise the Department on energy, natural resources and environmental matters. He played a major role in the Carter Administration's programs for managing federal coal resources, coordinating with state governments in planning the use of federal lands as sites for transmission lines and power plants to serve California and other western states, and in coordinating federal land and resource management policies with national energy policy. Joe Browder was a key figure in decisions to relocate proposed energy facilities and mineral development that would have degraded Native American tribal lands and western National Parks.

Joe Browder Co-Chaired, with Brazil's Mato Grosso do Sul Environment Secretary Emiko Kawakami de Resende, the Natural Resources section of the first Interamerican Dialogue on Water Management (Miami,1993); and was a founding member of the Advisory Council of the InterAmerican Water Resources Network (a project of the Organization of American States). He served as National Chair of the Everglades Coalition (1994, 1995); was a Host Committee member for the Third Inter American Dialogue on Water Resources (Panama 1999); chaired the Water and Indigenous Peoples section of the World Water Council's Water Vision for the Western Hemisphere program (Panama 1999); and Board member of the René Dubos Center for Human Environments, and serves on the Boards of Friends of the Everglades and Friends of the Big Cypress National Preserve.

During his years with national conservation organizations, Joe Browder was principal strategist for efforts to protect Everglades National Park, leading campaigns to secure a permanent water supply for the Park, to prevent development of a destructive commercial airport in the Everglades, and add more than 1,000,000 acres of Everglades and Biscayne Bay lands and waters to the National Parks system. He remains active in national citizen efforts to protect the Everglades, and serves on the Board of Friends of the Big Cypress National Preserve.

Joe Browder was born in Amarillo, Texas. Throughout the 1960s he was active in the leadership of the National Audubon Society as an officer of Audubon's chapter in Miami, Florida, and from 1968 to 1970 as Southeastern US Representative of the Society, also serving as the founding Coordinator of the Everglades Coalition. Before leaving the broadcasting industry in 1968 to devote all his time to public policy, Joe Browder was a television news reporter and producer for the NBC TV affiliate in Miami, Florida. He and his partner and wife Louise Dunlap live in Fairhaven, Maryland.

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